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Free icons - Keep me busy plz

Due to the recent events, I will not really be leaving the house at all for a few weeks, (save the next two days and Tuesday), and will need something to keep my mind from building up this paranoia. There are two icons I am currently using and coloring. Both are free lines, compliments of http://ww…

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So I almost got shot this morning.

I'm really tired of the meth heads out here. Probably going to invest in a gun of my own, because these guys approach YOU when they're being sketchy and just talk or threaten you. It's funny though, someone apparently called the cops on them. Unfortunately , I'm paranoid now, since they're literall…

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Please help stop this (basically) child pornography.

https://plus.google.com/u/1/communities/113608292732444736798 Go join this community, and covertly go into the yiff section and report any topics including Bonnie or Foxy. At least one has admitted they are going through puberty irl on a basic thread. This is on a public site, where you can read al…

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Memorial: A death on the block, 4 hours ago.

Today was a sad day to be woken up by gunshots less than a block away. At 1 am in Springfield, a police officer was shot and killed. The shots were close enough, that both Lindsey and myself both thought someone was rapping on the window. Three shots. Three seconds. In a flash, a book of life was c…

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For fun: Character songs

I cant sleep till 5pm, so Im posting up a small list of songs that make me think of my OC Friedrich Hanzer - The kindred slime filled ghost. Give them a listen! Also, let me hear some songs that make you think of YOUR characters. Thy Fleeting Time - Dargaard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bjX9RGY…

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Is this legal? Hard decision.

I started puking like 10 minutes ago, I called into work immediately, knowing a stomach virus has been contagiously spreading in the store (It's a food service). The morning manager told me she wont accept my call-in because it's Friday even though this is 8 hours before my shift. Is that legal? An…