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HamsterToybox / Female / UK

Commissions: Open
Trades: Closed
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Increasing sketch prices from 11.20.15 and now offering adult art

I’m really sorry but I need to increase the cost of my sketch commissions. They’re taking a lot longer than I had originally estimated, as I am more perfectionist with commissioned work than with my own stuff! I’ve been working really hard at my anatomy to try to speed me up, which has worked to so…

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Reopening commissions - sketch and digital illustration

I’m pleased to announce that my circumstances have change and I’m able to offer commissions again. I’m only taking a few at a time so the longest you’ll have to wait is 6 weeks. To commission me please read my full terms and conditions here, and email me at Payment is Paypa…

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Confuzzled, closing commissions for good - sorry

A few of you will be aware I am attending Confuzzled con next month ( I was having a table there, but I've had to cancel that due to my new job. However, I will still be attending as a regular attendee, and am looking forward to meeting some online friends. I'm really enjoyi…

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More updates on life stuff

I found a job :D It's better paid than my previous job too. I'm starting in a month, so actually have loads of time off now, and a load of redundancy money.

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Update on life stuff

I don't have much time for art and the Internet at the moment as I'm probably going to be out of a job in 2 weeks. My free time is spent on job hunting. I've also not been coping great with the stress and uncertainty - I've been spending more time in bed than normal, trying to block things out with…

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Hello World

Hi Everyone, I'm just moving over here from FurAffinity. Seems like a nice site. Sorry for the art dump whilst I transfer my files.