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Hey everyone, branching out a bit, here's my discord. Add me ^^ - Grilledtuna#9205 I also made a patreon, not sure how to use it as such, but heck i'd love some to get some project funding for the furture (if anyone at all is interested www.patreon.com/grenyolscanvas) g~

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Anyone on Vero?

I've just made an account for my art today on Vero, so to add me search for Grenyol in people!

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You could call this a return..

So I'm back for now, it's only been two years or so xD It's time to get involved with art again as my degree has taken over my life a little. You may see some more arts from me. ~<3

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Hey Guys!

Hey there, first journal entry of the day (and of joining here xD) Well I'm pretty new to this site, so things are taking longer than usual for me to find, but i'll get there :D I have recently uploaded a collection of my 'good' art, or what I deem as shows my many varied colouring and drawing styl…