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a different journal than I used to have here

I have a new, garish commission chart at https://www.weasyl.com/submission/1320400/come-mish-with-me because I felt silly linking to http://bimshwel.deviantart.com/journal/commission-pictures-promotion-507508319 that old thing all the time. If you don't want anything at all, that is quite all right…

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mouse-drawn commissions

as of december 2015 this information is hardly recent! I have been too busy to update the commission information, and not generally on commissions so updating it has not been a priority. But meanwhile you can check http://bimshwel.deviantart.com/journal/commission-pictures-promotion-amended-5075083…

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about replacing one's art tablet

Howdy, good day. Have any of you tried the monoprice brand of those things? I encountered a heap of hype about them a while ago* but wonder if I can get a personal recommendation. Or for something else. What I have now is a 9x12 inch Intuos little3 type tablet. I bought it used for [$175, it turns…

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pen recommendations (do you have any?)

I am interested in alternatives to dipping pens, but do not want to buy every weird pen in stock to try and find one that works well, especially since I often have no idea what the people who write reviews are talking about. Does anybody out here use refillable pens? Or even a non-refillable pen th…

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In whose sketchbook did I draw this?

http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2014/100/1/7/i_scarcely_recall_drawing_that_img_4132_by_queg-d7dwpb1.jpg I was looking for some scanned pictures to format for internet display today, and I found this one, labeled with "i scarcely recall drawing that" and by now my memory is yet more scarce. I rec…

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regarding art site friendship

First of all, there is probably no need for the "friend requests" this website permits you to issue when dealing with me. I would disable them if I were permitted to. Maybe I am and just never thought to look for it. I couldn't even get the "google plus" link to work That has no bearing on anything…

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the incredible phantom wacom pen

As of two yesterdays ago my whackem' intuos3 pen, that I purchased used (with a corresponding recipient surface), only figured out how to use a bit over a year ago and only had time to use very recently, decided it needed to present a new challenge, so now, seemingly at random, if the point is with…

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meanwhile, nabyn is still invitation-only

http://www.nabyn.com/register.php Or directly contact the administrator and humbly request to be let in, according to the small print. Nabyn was, or gave the impression of being (I never got in, after all) the fad exclusive furaffinity escape route before weasyl's invitation-only phase. I get the i…