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G'lek Tarssza / 30 / Male / Canada

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Art/Character Policy Reminder

I hate to have to do this, but it appears I need to remind people of the policy about my characters and the art of them. My characters belong solely to me and their art, whether a gift, commission, or otherwise, is not available for general usage without my express written permission. To date, I ha…

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Another Art Batch

Just uploaded some more images that have been sitting around on my hard drive. These come curtsy of my friend Duke ( Both were gifts. Enjoy!

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Art Dump

I've completed my art dump for all current images for G'lek. I need to contact some artists and see if they want to use the collection feature, so don't be surprised if some images move between my gallery and my collection area. Enjoy the art!

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Making the Change

So with the continued lack of action on FurAffinity to correct their dismal story submission system, not to mention a few of the interesting events occurring over there, I've made the decision to begin transferring to another site. I've long been a member of SoFurry and while I like their story sys…