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Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry I don't upload a whole lot! I update more frequently on furaffinity and tumblr (mostly tumblr) but all I've been drawing is self indulgent oc shipping stuff;; and it's m/m humans...so... Also digital art is hard and harder now cause our mouse is fucking up 😵 Anyways, hope y'all have a good da…

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Hey guys...

Sorry it seems I've been doing nothing but that crime/"gta" au. I just really like it and I like how the characters are in it, I like the relationships, conflicts, drama, and even if it makes me sad I get a weird sick satisfaction drawing Haruko sad (lol). I'm so into it I'm thinking about making i…

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Not really taking request, but...

I’m open to people giving me some pose ideas for Josephine (this character: https://www.weasyl.com/~ginae/submissions/1478994/josephine ), can just be lewd or full on NSFW, either way works for her. Also sexy outfit ideas are nice too. :3c

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Update Stuff

Hey guys so, Edward got us both mobile tablets, so that's really nice. I found out I really like putting coffee grounds on vanilla ice cream. We got a Legend of Zelda AU now, kinda in the same world as Hyrule Warriors. Can you believe I made Haruko be Link? I know! Crazy right! Trash Boy is the Her…

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Any pose references?

I wanna draw a normal full body pic of Haruko but I just don’t know what pose to use. Know any good poses? Looking for a pose that’s kinda silly but not completely ridiculous. But it also fits his personality, like he’s trying to adult but he’s got his residue punk side in him. Like, uhh... Jet Set…

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Art style meme thing

I was thinking or possibly doing one of those "draw yourself in different art styles" thing Like... draw my goblinsona in different styles that I like. This is what I got so far: Steven Universe Gainax/Trigger Rick and Morty Gorillaz Scott Pilgrim I'll think of more later, I know I don't wanna make…

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Is this site kinda... slow?

Not trying to sound rude or anything but I didn't get a lot of activity on here (I usually don't anyways so thats no issue) but when I go to look at other art, there's little to no traffic on there either. Like, I see artist posting stuff on here, but I don't see a lot of active watchers/followers…