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Archive Update

Hello y'all. TL;DR version: Archive update, I have around 400 pieces yet to dump in scraps including traditional sketches from back in 2012 Long version: Brief update on the archival of my old work. I'm trying to keep the spam-y-ness down by limiting it to about 20 pieces a day/every other day. I d…

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Hello from the dead! Archiving Ahead.

Haha that rhymed! So hello DA/FA/Weasyl followers. As a lot of you are aware I've been more or less absent over the past year/two years, and by absent I mean "oh my God he never draws anymore." Well good news! I vow to unf--k that habit this year and bring my hand back to the drawing pad! Now for s…

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Update 7-9-2017

HI, ITS BEEN A WHILE! :D Alright, so I'm not dead. Just been very busy. Indie dev and my main job have taken over my life, and any free time I get is spent talking with friends or playing games with friends. I have not given up drawing at all, but it has fallen so far on the way-side that any large…

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Update May 5th, 2016

Work Stuff: First off, Epocylipse: The Afterfall; Our development is coming along smoothly as our leads are feeding us more work and assets to develop for the game. I have a handgun to make! :D That aside I started my full-time job at the beginning of last month and am loving every second of it, ev…

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What do people want from me?

Alternative title "Update 2-23-2016" Second Alt title "SUPPORT MY GAME" This is a question that has been sitting on me for a while now. Why do people watch me? What do people expect from me? As an artist, what should I be drawing? Should I tailor to a group of people or just do what I want? What am…