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28 / Agender (any pronouns) / Massachusetts

I like rocks.
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Back from RICC, Etsy shop updated!

Hey everyone! I'm back from Rhode Island Comic Con, and my Etsy shop is officially re-opened and stocked with some new merch. Check it out!: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FrostykatCreations

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selling art at Rhode Island Comic Con!

Hey all! I apologize for how minimal my presence has been around here as of late. Between finally having a steady job and prepping for a convention, I've been pretty busy, and haven't been checking my inbox all that much (so sorry if I've been missing out on your rad art!) The con I'm prepping for…

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What do you want to see from me? (plush!)

Hey all! If you don't already know, I've recently started selling plush items on my Etsy store! You can find it here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FrostykatCreations I'm always thinking of new things I want to plush, but I also want to make things that you guys are interested. So here's my questions t…

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Pillow Commissions are OPEN

Pillow Commissions: Base price: $35 (USD) What this gets you: One custom made pillow, featuring a detailed fleece front. This detailed front can be a character’s face, or something else! The standard size of these pillows varies, but tends to be about 14''x14'' (35.5cm x 35.5 cm). Things that may a…

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Another member of the mass exodus from FA (though I haven't totally left). YEH. Hi folks.