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YingYang and Kelsey / Female / Florida

Mama said knock you out!
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An Update (Literally)

I'm sorry for the lack of posts, I'm more active on dA and Tumblr than Weasyl since I don't know anyone on here, except for a few people that I know on dA and Hatena. So I might take a long break or something like that since I don't really post here anymore, well not as much :( The good news is, I…

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Character's full name: Slash (Jordan) Any embarrassing nicknames?: N/A Age: 16 Occupation: N/A Family: Mom (Vaporeon) Dad (Shiny Jolteon) Sister (Espeon) Brothers (Leafeon and Glaceon) Best friend: Black Star the Shiny Victini -How they met: Training Sessions Love interest/Ideal partner: N/A -How t…

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1.) Name the one thing/element you think helped you "get better" the best? (This could be anything from a technique, to a teacher, to an epiphany etc!) I use Paint Tool SAI and Colors 3D when I draw. I used to suck at both programs when I downloaded them, but I mastered shading in both programs. Bu…

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Draw your OC! http://fav.me/d700wgc That was her old design tho Most prominent features? Her black spots Your very first OC? Shinji the Tiger Your favourite OC? Kelsey the Dewott Your least favourite? I don't really have one How about where they live? N/A Do they have a pet? N/A How about their hob…

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If your fursona had to be a primate, it'd be a: Monkey Butt If your fursona had to be a feline, it'd be a: Tiger If your fursona had to be a canine, it'd be a: Pomerian If your fursona had to be a hoofed animal Ungulate, it'd be a: Horse If your fursona had to be a rodent, it'd be a; Chinchilla If…

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Character's full name: Kelsey Any embarrassing nicknames?: Chelsea Age: 13 Occupation: None Family: Sister (Espeon), Brother (Sceptile), Mom (Wigglytuff), Dad (Chesnaught) Best friend: Sabrina the Glaceon -How they met: As babies Love interest/Ideal partner: N/A -How they met: N/A Worst enemy: Unkn…

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no title

i need some friends on here :O

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What you like to be called: I like to be called YingYang or Francis Bunnelby What you do (profession, hobby, major, etc): I play Pokemon One interesting fact about yourself: I'm part German Favorite animal: I has many Favorite movie or video game: Movie : Pokemon Movie 14 Video Game : Pokemon X Str…

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About Me Meme

What's your real name? Kelsey why? How tall are you? 5 feet tall (I'm tall for my age holy hell) What's your natural hair color? light brown What's your eye color? the same color as my hair What's your orientation? none Are you single, taken or undecided? single for life :O What do you do in your s…

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If I'm not here on certain days, that means that I am busy or I am away for that time. I am only online on Fridays, weekends, and days that I have school off. I'm on these websites. (Just to let you know, I might not be active on them everyday. My dA and Art Blog on Tumblr are only active on weeken…

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I just made an account on here... I'm YingYang from dA and Hatena btw :O -YingYang and Kelsey