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I am who I am. If you don't like it, get out.
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Password Reset Problems on FA

Yeah, the e-mail never showed up. At a loss of what to do here. Don't know if I truly wanna waste the energy to fight with their support... There's probably no way to get ahold of staff unless I'm logged in either. Probably stuck for a bit....

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How'd That No Security Thing Work Out FA...

Yeah, FA got pretty ROFL'd recently. Not too surprising given their amazing lack of care towards site security. Also, I like how they put up a beta banner to give the illusion shit is being worked on. All appearance to keep IMVU happy. I have to wonder just how much more leeway they're willing to g…

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Gay Marriage has been Legalized by the Supreme Court!

Whoooo! I'm so happy and excited. This has taken far too long to happen but it at least happened! I'm gonna go celebrate. If you rage on this journal, you'll only be laughed at by me. Sorry, they deserve the same rights as everyone else.

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State of Affairs

Yeah, hi. You won't be seeing much art anymore from me. After nearly two decades of trying, it's become clear to me that I will never have steady commissioners. I will be working on more personal stuff but as of right now I'm just a bit discouraged with art. It hurts to put hours into something and…

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R.I.P. John Nash

John Nash and his wife died in a car crash yesterday. He was a brilliant Mathematictian and a huge inspiration to a lot of people. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Forbes_Nash,_Jr.

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In Mourning

My grandmother just died. Feel sorta numb right now...

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Hello My Fellow Wooslets!

*Wooslet: Variation of the word Woosle from Winnie the Pooh. Well, once again stuff is going down. I will be posting my personal stuff on here from now on. Any commissions will be posted here and on FA unless you ask me not to. I hope the new influx of traffic breathes some much needed life into th…

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Proof Reader?

Okay I need a proof-reader for a novel I want to write. Its a gay romance involving a Russian wolf who gets blackmailed by an effeminate, male, black cat. Eventually it turns into love. It will involve sex. It will have straight sex fantasies at the beginning. If you are interested please comment o…

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What Would You like to See from Me Art Wise?

Just what the title states. What would you like to see me draw? Should I draw more porn? Should I draw more twink boys? What can I do to make you happy as a watcher? I'm very curious. I've never had much of a following so I kind of wonder if I'm doing something wrong.

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New Journal

I dunno what to write here. Just dusting off my profile and uploading some stuff. :3

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Upload spam is over! Rejoice! Okay back to arting. Have a good night all!

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Finally starting to get to more current stuff. I'm sure its been odd to see my art rapidly improve over the past few days. I never knew I improved so much before now.

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Excuse the mess

I just got an invite to this site so I'm slowly uploading my FA gallery. It could take a while to upload everything. Right now I'm on my older, less stellar pictures. They do get better!