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Never put off 'til tomorrow what you can put off indefinitely.
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Are there any programs that can do this?

You know how there are programs that you can use to pose CGI people models for reference? Are there any that let you paint onto them? I've been thinking it would be handy for keeping the fur patterns on some of my characters consistent from one shot to the next as the camera angle and pose changes.

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PSA: Jazz Jackrabbit just got rereleased

You remember those games, right? They were Epic's attempt at giving DOS a gaming mascot like how Nintendo had Mario and Sega had Sonic. Anyway, they just dropped on This is the first time it's ever been made available since the original CD-ROM versions. I've been kind of obsessed with them…

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Nazi punks fuck off

In light of the debacle last weekend that made the growing threat of white supremacists in the US abundantly clear to the public, I felt the need to make a statement: If any of my followers identifies or sympathizes with this movement in any way, I want you out. Out of my zone, out of this entire w…

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Recent trends in character design?

It's been eight years now since I created Klee Shay, the character in my current avatar. The idea at the time was that she was a mashup of all the character-design elements I felt were overused, or at least as many as I could cram into the same character without it getting completely ridiculous. Bu…

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Just discovered a new coloring method - LOOK

Holy crap. How long has >> THIS << been here and I didn't know about it? Clipping Groups, known in Photoshop as Clipping Masks and accessible from the layer's right click menu, allows you to just use an existing layer's per-pixel opacity as a mask for layers sitting on top of it. So you can do your…

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An amusing coincidence I discovered

You all remember my hyena character Vashti that I just posted like a month ago, right? In case you weren't familiar, she's named after a Persian queen mentioned in the Bible. According to the story, the king was having a bacchanal with a bunch of foreign dignitaries, and summoned her to appear befo…

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Ugh, fuck Furrynetwork

Yep, some asshole has decided the fandom wasn't split up into enough different sites and started another one to fight over. And this is the first one that immediately turns me off. Ooh, let's show off how we can do that parallaxing trick that's gotten So Popular Lately by putting a mandatory full s…

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Flip you for real.

Some of you have heard about this technique for checking the quality of a drawing, where you just mirror the image and it exaggerates certain flaws with the picture or something. Not sure how it works; maybe it's a psychological thing and it just overrides some sort of confirmation bias that makes…

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Welcome to my Weasyl! Estimated wait times are...

I see there's been yet another surge in traffic on here lately; hopefully most of the new and returning users will actually stick around for more than a few months this time. So first of all, hi to all my new followers! None of you seem to have left any comments; I'd love to know what you like the…

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2014, the year Pocket got his groove back.

Back when I first signed up with this site, I had a period where I felt reinvigorated to draw and post art regularly again. It's no secret that I hadn't been especially productive, art-wise, of late. It started wearing off pretty quickly, though. Let's face it, joining Weasyl was nothing like the e…

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My ten-year annifursary (*gags on bad pun*)

It so happens I have a pretty significant anniversary coming up: I managed, somehow (it was like a year ago or more), to hunt down the forum thread in which I first posted a drawing of the character I grudgingly call my fursona, Steve Civett. (That'd be the guy in the middle here. I know, I practic…

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"Mandy": a post-mortem

In 2007, a comic strip debuted on the Interwebs, created by yours truly. It was called Mandy, and it centered on a dog — of the two-legged, talking-pet variety, a la Get Fuzzy — who had an infatuation with her owner. (The name, and to some extent the premise, were inspired by a story that Scott Eng…

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Boy, that Rocket Raccoon sure gets around, eh?

You can't hardly swing your mouse at a furry art gallery these days without hitting at least three pieces of Rocket fan art. I was just thinking, I can't remember the last time I saw such a flood of fan art. And it dawned on me why: This is the first time in a dog's age that there's been a new(ish)…

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So now that I'm all caught up...

...I'm wondering if I should post any of my non-furry stuff. It's pretty much all fan art and maybe a few of my favorite strips from the webcomic I used to do. No, not that one, the other one. I know that Fiz and co. were all like "Oh this is just an art site it's for everybody despite the name and…

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Flame on.

Heh, I just realized my icon looks like she's waving at you, the way I cropped it. Fitting. Hi to you too, errbody. Hopefully the rest of the cool people will trickle in sooner than later. (Babs, grab Yuchi and tell her to get in here!) You may notice that my gallery is still empty; I'm still decid…