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One Year Later

It's been almost a year since I posted last?? Yikes! Lots has happened, I worked at a call center for most of the winter and spring, replaced most of my car's suspension, and then went on a fun summer camping adventure with a couple of friends. I'm currently holed up in Seattle for the winter with…

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SPOOKY sale, 50% off store items!

Through October 18th I am having a sale! Use the code SPOOKY to get 50% off everything in my store! http://mkt.com/wildwhisker I am tired of carrying this stuff around and could use the extra gas money! If you hate Square and refuse to do anything other than Paypal, send me a note, but beware, most…

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Thoughts on the Road Ahead

Thanks everybody! Pendant commissions are closed, but paint your own blanks and premade pendants are still available in my web store until the 15th! I will be taking other commission types eventually, but they will be drawn, painted, or digital. Much easier to pack on my journey! I'm excited to be…

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Last Chance Pendant Commissions Sale!

Per my last journal, I am closing pendant commissions indefinitely on July 1st! This is to give me time to get everything completed before I leave. I have no idea when I will be doing pendant commissions next, but it won't be any time soon. So, I am having a last chance sale! Pendants custom painte…

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Pendant Commissions Closing Indefinitely Soon! Plz read!

So, our lease is up at the end of July, after which I am going to be traveling & living out of my car for a while. I've missed traveling so very much, and while I appreciate having had some degree of stability living in Portland for almost 2 years, it's time for me to move on. WHAT THIS MEANS is th…

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BLFC & Furlandia - Con Madness!

Thanks to everyone who made it out to BLFC! I had a slow start due to my lack of preparation but a great con overall. This was my first BLFC and I think it's now become my favorite hotel convention. The dealer's den and marketplace were spacious - no more worrying about fursuiters blocking the aisl…

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Prices going UP!

I've done some serious thinking over the past few weeks, and after calculating how much time and materials I actually spend on pendants, I've decided that my current prices are unsustainable. Starting at BLFC, my new prices will be as follows: Including shipping - Premades: $30 Customs: $60+ Paint…

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Store is now OPEN! Blanks! Pre-Made Sale! Discounts!

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! For those of you who have wanted to buy blanks, customs, or any of the pre-made pendants I've been posting, you are in luck! I've opened up a Square Marketplace store, check it out! https://mkt.com/wildwhisker To celebrate my grand opening, I've discounted all of my pre-made pen…

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Twitter, FC, Raccoons and Otters, oh my!

Are you following me on Twitter yet? I post WIPs and daily life stuff there, and update much more frequently than I do anywhere else. It's not everybody's cup of tea but I'm liking it so far! If you missed the last few things I've uploaded, I'll be at FC starting on Thursday and checking out Monday…

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Etsy Sale!

For a limited time, I'm running a $10 off all premade pendants sale on my Etsy store! That's $25 shipped! I want to get that stuff out of here to make room for new items. :) If there's something you've wanted to pick up, now would be a great time! https://www.etsy.com/shop/WildWhisker

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Super late announcement, but I'll be at Rainfurrest starting tonight! Yay! I'll be splitting a table in the dealer's den with oCe near the door, as "Wild Whisker". I've even got business cards this time! And a square reader! I should have a few things for sale, including a number of things that hav…

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Email Problems

Just wanted to give a heads-up that my email address fey[at]feyala.net had a configuration issue which has prevented me from receiving email recently. I contacted support and the issue was corrected. Yay DreamHost support! So, if you've sent anything to that address since the beginning of April, I…

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Why have I been so quiet? I was going to keep this under wraps a bit longer, but I'm itching to post the corgis I've been working on, so it can't wait! I have an Etsy store now! I'll be putting pre-made corgis and water dragons up there as I make them, as well as whatever else I've got kicking arou…

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Hi, new watchers! Thanks for bearing with me while I uploaded that metric ton of old art. Everything's all up to date now! I'm liking the site so far. It's got a lot of features I've really been missing. I do wish that it had the ability to have multiple photos per submission (like tumblr), a more…

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Moving In

Hi everybody! I've had this account for a while, but with the current debacle with FA, I've decided to start using it more. Which is great for me, because I've loved the codebase behind Weasyl since I first saw it. So pardon my dust while I move my stuff in! :3