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Going to ComicCon!

Look for a zebra-striped hat and/or a black raptor skull mask laced with gold. I might have comics on me! Who else is going? Any other Weasylites?

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fart fart FART PHHHBBBBTTTTTT http://i.imgur.com/z7JERve.gif

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Watercolor Bust Commissions

Traditional Watercolor painting busts of your Original Character are now available on commission, starting at $60 (additional charges for more characters, full body, NSFW, or complex content). Examples, all 5" by 7" on cold press watercolor paper. Corpse-Eater Tad and Lex Currently reserving spots…

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NSFW? Your thoughts and where you want it.

Hey so in the interest of differentiating my Weasyl account from my DA and my Tumblr (because I'm not fond of cross-posting and making every gallery the very same), I'm thinking of uploading NSFW material here. I used to do that on FA since there's a pretty liberal NSFW atmosphere there and I've se…