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Best Place to Follow Me

I’ve tested out this platform, but in all honesty keeping it up with all of my other sites is a little too much. So the best place for fun, furry adultness will be to follow @etan​draws on instagram, or my Furaffinity: This site will still be updated every once…

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PAYPAL - Warning: SCAM

I just received a very well crafted hoax e-mail from "paypal" saying that my account has been limited and to log in to change my password. I clicked the link and got to a login screen that also said Paypal. Before going any further, I compared that e-mail with other PayPal e-mails I'd received and…

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Remakes of Old Art (3+ years)

Is there any of my submissions on this site anyone would like to see updated? Basically an idea from an old picture done with my current skill level. Let me know in the comments! Thanks!

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WOO! I did it! DAYS of uploading later and I am now 100% on Weasyl!