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Commissions closed indefinitely!

Well, with this final two commissions I accepted, commissions are 100% closed until further notice! Thank you ALL so much for all the sharing and help this year. I'll work on these, and start my job mid-May and focus on personal art after! Commissions will open probably in the fall, but we'll see!

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Waiting to start job, boosting icon commissions!

So I am currently employed, but the background check is taking AGES to come back, so I'm a bit stuck on a paycheck. Just boosting icon #commissions to help until then! $25 base, $10 bg, +$10 detailed design 1 month turnaround PayPal only #furry #anthro preferred! Examples in gallery!

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Working on commissions tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be a commission day, so expect updates if you're waiting on one. Please, I am so sorry I'm being slow on this set. I'll explain everything once I finish up all the big tasks I have going on! (And please remember, DeviantArt is the absolute best place to contact me, but Twitter and Fur…

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A note on forgetting to respond to messages:

So, I wanted to apologize to everyone who reaches out to me, and it seems I take 20 year to respond or forget. My schedule is this: 40-60 hours of work, every week, 10 hour shifts 21 Credit Hours in college, this semester and last Commissions Personal life I know it takes me a LONG time to reply or…

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Sorry for no art/commissio updates!

I wanted to offer an apology for a lack of commission and art updates. My art time is very scarce at the moment, but in good news I have a lot of good things going for me! Art time is just hard to get between school and work! Feel free to check in on your art any time!

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Full art queue! Thank you!

Full queue on Trello! - - > https://trello.com/b/oS2DmG47/commission-list Y'all really came through to help me. I am proud to say I am caught up on bills. I've had an immense amount of bills this month, but I am pretty much caught up! Thank you all, honestly. Sharing, commissioning, etc. I am etern…

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Alright. I need some serious help.

I'll try to make this short and easy to read. The past few weeks have been completely detrimental on both my mental state and my financial state. I've had countless surprise bills pop up - mostly car repair bills and old medical bills, but a few others - and it's just catching up to me. I'm so tire…

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Lots of Cheap Designs for Sale!

Lots of designs for sale! A lot are really cheap! I hope you find something to fit your fancy! https://toyhou.se/EmpressRising/characters/folder:1922856

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Car troubles abound and commissions open

So, I will try to not make this tl;dr. I was on my way home from work today in this great snow storm, and my transmission, which is just a year old with no damn warranty, decided it was going to start going out on me. I had to stop two times in the middle of the road to restart my car. Which my neu…

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Icon Commissions Open ($30-$45)

I'm sorry to boost commissions so soon, but I have a $300-500 car repair bill coming up. Icon commissions open! $30 base price +$15 for full (unblurred) background +$15 for complicated design Anthro preferred, not required 1 month turnaround PayPal DM to claim Thanks! (Best places to reach me are a…

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Resizing Watermarks

So I realized I've had a habit of making watermarks too large on my art. I don't mean to, I just think it's artistic blindness to myself. I am offering all past customers the option to have me shrink my watermark on their art, and all future commissions will have smaller ones! Please note this is N…

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2 head shots open, $25-$35!

These are open for $25 w/out background, $35 with! Accepting 2-4 more! DM/comment to claim! Gallery for examples: https://www.weasyl.com/submissions/empressrising

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Krampus speedpaint up!

Speedpaint up of my Krampus piece! It's incomplete but still good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaANZtrJRUY

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YouTube Speedpaints!

Howdy y'all! I'd like to drop my YouTube account which, soon, will start featuring speedpaints of my art! Maybe one day I can get into gaming some too, but just expect speedpaints mostly! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr.....pcoqJHtCBTZMdA

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Two head shot commissions open - $25-$30!

Howdy! My check was a tad low this pay period so I'm accepting two head shot commissions for $25-$30 each! Animaloids preferred but I'll draw humanoids! Examples in my gallery: https://www.weasyl.com/submissions/empressrising

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I am increasing my commission prices.

In short of this journal, I am increasing my commission prices. My full list can be found at creationsofempress.weebly.com, with other information! To what prices? - $15 an 'hour', with a usual minimum of $30 a piece. This will exclude chibis, which will be $15 a piece, and pet pieces, which will b…