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Elio Lugaru / 31 / Male Fox / North Carolina

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Y'know what? Forget the Comic Hiatus.

Forget the hiatus, I've decided to not to take a hiatus from the comic. I usually take the weekends off from drawing comics & artwork anyways for motorsports stuff & such on TV. (Though, It is currently the off-season for most motorsport series at the moment.)

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I Have Returned!

I have returned from my trip to Georgia. I was only gone until today, Thursday. (Apparently that Friday Off Work for my Dad was a Rest Day so he can have a rest before he goes back to work Saturday.) It was nice to see my relatives again since i last saw them 2 years ago.

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Going Out Of Town

I'm gonna be heading out of town Monday to vist relatives in Georgia, I'll be stopping in South Carolina for Monday & then head on to Georgia on Tuesday, I probably won't be back until Friday at the least. I'll have my Switch, 3DS & Phone with me, So i'll at least still be able to check up here, I…

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Jeez, I haven't been active here much. I apologize for that. I'll try to be a little more active here. XD

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Just Joined

I just joined via Invite from Fiz. I'm liking Weasyl so far. I like that theres a Characters Section for placing your Orignal Characters. I hope to submit more of my art & post my Sprite Comic, Pixel Gamerz here.