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Commission website

Hey guys! Don't update this place a ton anymore, but I am currently open for commissions. If interested, you can find all info at the following link: https://knapknapart.weebly.com/ Thanks for looking!

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Eurofurence 22 meme

I posted this on FA but not here, whoops Where are you staying? Berliiin at the Estrel Means of transportation? Zoom zoom plane Sharing a room with: A chill bun What is your gender? Fdab/androgyne (she/her preferred, they/them is also okay). Relationship Status: Naw How old are you? 23 How tall are…

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Banner is a go! look how beautiful * c * who made it? my incredible compadre in mischief made it!

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Coming over from FA, let's see how this goes... I was Baremyfangs on FA, didn't upload a lot so it's not really worth re-uploading per se, at least not with any urgency. Might do it anyway though, later. Hope to make some use of Weasyl, I'm liking it so far...!