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RUSTY DA FOX / 18 / male / TEXAS

Chase after the dream don’t chase after the money-old dominion
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Vintage rv

I am 99% sure I love vintage rv’s over anything else right now. Idk, I like how they’re different and how you don’t typically see a lot of them cuz they aren’t what you would see aesthetically on an rv anymore. They have an old nostalgic feel coming off them, and some of them look pretty cool for e…

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Art trade now

So yeah I’ve been wanting to commission everyone but I has no money so my next solution is doing art trades. 1 slot open cause I Only have time for that. If I’m correct,(please correct me if I’m wrong ) once the trade is done you request the other art piece as a collection. First come first serve.

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Wut happened?

So yeah, I've been active on Amino. I'm not on furry amino all that much so I'm on Be yourself plaza where my friend's and I chat specifically Jasper and Bloodmoon who are great friends to the point where we all agreed to go to Denfur in 2023 when we're all 18+. Anyway, I'm active a lot more there…

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Life happened

Yes, I've been gone for quite a while for a good reason. I've been too busy taking care of chickens , and prior to that I also had to build 3 huge coops for 37 birds one of which I had help with building the run and I still have to build a fourth coop. Shortly after, all but 4 roosters and 15 hens…

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I know I just started posting a lot of sub's all at once and labeling them all as critique, but I actually want to be criticized on both art and the story behind it. I would love it if you could give a few pointers on how I'm doing as an artist/writer, plus, if I make a mistake ,be super loud about…

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Okey as you all have noticed. I generally don't usualy post art and much less a journal often, and for that I had 2 reasons, procrastanation and I don't have any art to post. But now its kindave complicated now. a certain famly member aint so fond that I'm a furry, so I lied and told him I'm not a…

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READ ME!!!!!!!!!!

Ima bored..... Wait a minute, (snaps finger paws) I just remembered. Ma stupid decisions (stowy tieeeme) yea I know I know I know but, I want to everyone to know me a little more about me for real. Where to start with, oh yes something interesting and releatable. I remember this one crazy day, I wa…

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Wut is wrong with my art

Okay I have 2 things I want to talk about, please critique my art work labeled critique or not, art is special in its own way and expresses our emotions in a world that is límete by our imagination. Think of this, do you still think the same way 5 years ago from now? (YESSS!!!!) No invisible voice…

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My 153 song list

Fnaf song fnaf musical song just gold mr fazbear puppet song bonnie song it has begun my demons hero-skillet your gunna go far kid follow me our little horror storys just begun I am the purple guy fnaf 3 so many nights its time to die centeries stamp on the ground I'm so sorry anti gravity-starset…

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Submition of me with all of my friends soon^w^

See me and all of my friend grouped up side by side in the drawing I'm making. This is a thanks for those that make me and others feel welcome when they join man this is heart warming.

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Hi there can I do some real talk here.(no for gosh sake no nooo nooooo) okay you can stop, today I'ld like to talk about your amune system. I'm sure you shop at Walmart, target and other well known stores. But,when you walk in buying food minding you own business. I see a pattern. (Please don't tak…