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Drei / 26 / She/Her / Massachusetts

Fuck your hotdog husband.
Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
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Wiggly Icon Iron Artist is OPEN!

I'm holding a small Iron Artist for my wiggly icons, shown here: They're $18 each, and I can also do connected group/couple icons as well! I have 81 slots left, if you'd like one please note me on here or comment on this journal! <3 Additional i…

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Art Dump

I have lots of backlogged art to post over from FA, so I apologize in advance for the massive spam. If you're a new follower, then hello! I'm Drei and I'm unfortunately not very active here, but wanna be more active! You can find me on FA and Twitter as DragonessDrei, I'm much more active on those…

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Should I upload auction reminders here?

I know I don't have many watchers on here but I figured it'd be worth asking, would any of you be interested in raffles I host exclusively on FA? I could post reminder links on here that link back to the FA post. :>

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Iron Artist Wiggle Icons for June, Please Read!

I'm really tight for cash in order to begin my fursuit fund for the next few months, so I'll be taking twenty wiggle icon commissions throughout the month of June at $10 each in order to pay for it! Information on how to buy can be found on my FurAffinity journal:…

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Uploading a bunch of old art here

I haven't been super active on here but I'd like to get more active, prepare for a massive spam of old art that for now has only been on my FA and dA <3

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Finally preordered ORAS!

My boyfriend picked up Ruby, while I'm grabbing Sapphire. Can't wait to pick those babs up on Friday and start playing. ;____; <3 If anybody wants to play with me, feel free to ask for my friend code!~

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(copied and pasted from my original FA journal) Hey, this is really important guys so my parents told me that we're months behind on mortgage payments and my mom just recently lost her job, her income was the only thing really keeping the house afloat. My tiny paychecks from my part-time job won't…

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Holy poop I'm in love with Pokemon X I've been playing the series since I was a kid so seeing all my favorites in 3D makes me happy ;____; Boyfriend and I are trying to see all the pokemon in the game (along with our buds Deangelo Jes and Charlie wee) and we've gotten pretty far I've also been fort…

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Sigil's raffle!

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Free plushie raffle, woo~ Because I've never really entered raffles before and I'd like to give it a try. ;;

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Wowowowowowow sad

I saw a stray kitten during my walk home and it made my heart melt. She/he was all gray with the tiniest patch of white on his/her chest, with the most stunning seafoam green eyes I've ever seen. Too bad the kitten didn't want me to pet it, I would've found a way to get it a home. My boyfriend has…