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Man, the system blows...

My day so far: -Check why the IRS hasn't given me my part. -Money thing is not working because I fucked up. -"'kay, sorry. But you could have called, twerp." -Try to resolve the money thing. -Money thing has my information completely wrong. Says I live at the other end of the country. -Waste 2 and…

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[RANT] Dear parents: Stop lying like this to your kids.

You know, I hate it when parents lie to their children to make them behave and they involve me. Like when I wait in line at a grocery store and the kid does something like bumping on my back by accident and when I look back their parents say something like “See? He’s getting angry, if you don’t beh…

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Woah, loads of new artists! + Update

I guess the open beta came out at a perfect timing. However, I'm gonna keep my watchlist as clean as possible...I don't want to browse porn in here because I think it might ruin it for me, I dunno. I've been working on a few images as of this week, one is with vectors and the others are being made…

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[REVIEW] UNREAL Candies 5, 8 & 54

I recently purchased some products of the new brand of candies called UNREAL. This is a company from Boston which mission is to bring "unjunked" candy to the masses, that is: no corn syurps, no GMOs, no artificials, no chemicals, all candy. I got 2 pieces of 3 different products: UNREAL 5 (Milky Wa…