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DrakeBigShep / 29 / Male / Virginia

Have you considered bigger?
Commissions: Sometimes
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Idunno things

I guess I'll start uploading here or something? Iduno.

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Pandaran commission special!

Yep that's right all you WoW nerds. PANDAS! Send me a screenshot of your pandaran in teh animation you'd like, whether it be swapping to crane stance, drawing that bowstring taut, or dead asleep on the ground liek the lazy bear you are. Along with these, I would like a reference on the size you'd l…

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I should start posting here more often.

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New to Weasyl

Idunno how anything on this site works so I'll wing it. Figured I'd make a gallery here for stuff. most of my artwork is on here so if you want more stuff, there's other things there.