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Doveux / Male Man / Geneva, Switzerland

A male man, but not a mail man.
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The Status of the Dragon

It’s been a good chunk of time since I last wrote anything in any journal of mine, but I think this part of my life is a good checkpoint to stop at, take a deep breath, and reflect. Furry This time last year, I know I had a lot of apprehension about being involved in the furry community; mostly due…

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On Eurofurence, including the comedic stylings of depression

I fancied putting a few more thoughts out into the world so I’ll give a bit of an update as to what’s happening. With where I am right now, I’m ok. Recent times, certainly the last 6 months, have had a bit of up and a lot of down. I have started treatment for depression, which I’m honestly not sure…

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Holiday Snaps

Thought I'd promote my Twitter account a bit and share a few choice snaps from my adventurings in far away lands. Go have a nosey and follow me here:

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Life and all that, an update from a dragon who's been away!

Hey Furries of the World, Golly gosh life has been on turbo hasn’t it? The past six months have been pretty significant to me, and it feels like it’s flown by. Some of you may have thought I’d dropped off the face of the earth, so I feel it’s worth saying what’s been happening. Firstly, the job! Ha…