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Where are you staying? Hyatt I thiiiink What day are you getting there? Thursday night. Who will you be rooming with? too many people to count hahah. Who will you hang out with during the convention? Verace, Tiut: OH I'M GONNA GO FIND DESI-DOGE ..okay I'll be honest work has melted my brain and I c…

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Final preperations for Anthrocon.

First I wanted to officially thank everyone who's wished me a happy birthday, because it's really hard to remember to thank everyone.. but I appreciate each notice all the same. Second, I'll be going to AC as planned, but I could really use another roommate.. one of my pals had to drop and it's goi…

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It occored to me

I never actually introduced myself. I made the short sighted mistake of assuming anyone who followed me would be from FurAffinity.. but I was once myself from DeviantART as well and it was rather silly to make such an assumption. So who am I? Once I was Draco; I'd rather you call me Mosh or Daud if…

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Stepping it up a notch

I've gotten a little more privacy with the the semester starting spell of business that has most hands tied and I'm taking advantage of it to press my advantage (the one of no one coming in and looking over my shoulder while I'm trying to draw) I spent several hours on a ... not exactly quick doodl…

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Yet another refugee

I'm somewhat embarassed to admit that I barely bothered to post one submission when I created my weasyl account. I made fun of FA for it's primary selling point being "That everyone is already there" but my attention span was still too short to use weasyl anymore than I use twitter. And if Furaffin…