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The New Arkuatica $1 Tier

The Arkuatica Patreon now has a $1 tier, the "Nudi' Supporter" for those who've been and downloaded all of the Ark comics in the $21 "All The Things" tier, and would like to continue to support my oceanic endeavours, as well as see the occasional exclusive Patreon posts. So drop back in and give me…

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FREE Arkuatica Comic: Rich In Omega 3

You can check it out on my main Patreon >>> Or my ARKUATICA only Patreon >>> You don't even have to be a patron to view it! (though it would be nice) And as always, there are 7 comics available, one each month if you become…

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New Chapter: IT'S MAGIC: Food Party!

With the first chapter of It's Magic is concluded, we begin the second. Featuring Rick and Danny as they join a house party themed around food transformations with a rent-a-slots, one armed bandit machine. It's essentially a transformation roulette, but the level of TF varies. You could be an anthr…

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New Comic: IT'S MAGIC

It's magic, out now! The first 6 pages are already up on Patreon, with 2 new pages posted every Friday. But that's not all! 'It's Magic' comic tier Patrons will also be subscribed to the Arkuatica comic and receive issue 2 when you join and a new comic each month, with 7 comics currently available.…

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My Mission

Make a sustainable living, through illustrating. How. 1. Commissions (Minor) 2. Patreon (Major) Comic/s I will try to improve my output and quality of illustrations. I will continue to evolve my Patreon, improve Tiers and benefits. I aim to keep working in this direction, towards my goals, for at l…

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Commission Fees

Sketches $8 Per sketch, multiple characters and extra things usually +$3 per thing. A sequence, discounts will be added for similar or easy drawings and alternatively drawings may be grouped as together and priced as one. Lined piece $11 Is price of normal sketch +$3 for linework Coloured Sketch $1…