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Just to be clear...

Not all the characters in my 'Character Design and Development' folder are from the same story/continuity/universe. Fina, Aussie, Hula and Dyna are from my forthcoming monster comic project, but the 'Sundae Sisters' and the 'Ice Cream Tank' are intended for something else entirely. In time I may ha…

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Using folders.

I've created folders to keep my 'Character Design and Development' work and 'Finished Artwork' pieces separate and distinct from one another. I guess really I've done this to give myself a way to upload my huge backlog of character design pieces to my gallery but not overclutter/overshadow my other…

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Why submit artwork to the internet?

Why do you submit artwork to the internet? Do you do it for attention/notoriety/fame? To arouse or offend? To entertain? Is it just a needs to an end - are your reasons purely financial or is it just a business exercise? Do you feel the need to stamp your identity upon the internet - is it purely a…

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Moving forward. Staying positive.

The past month has been the most artistically productive I have experienced for a long time. By removing the linework element it feels as though I have finally resolved the difficulties I was having with my artwork. My new lineless approach to vector artwork has given me renewed confidence in my ab…

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Being influenced by the perceptions of others.

I turned my back on a forum recently because some of the people there started backtracking in regard to their opinions of furries (it wasn't the only reason I decided to leave but it was the final straw). Overall I've felt as if the (internet) perception of furries has improved a lot over the past…