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Quetzalcoatl Smith / > ~215x10^12 miles @ c / Laserville

"Lasers ate my baby!"
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Moondog - Viking 1 (interesting music) You are watching Mr. Rogers welcome you to his home. He tells you a story, feeds his goldfish, and you follow the trolley to the land of Make-Believe. Somewhere in there, he motions to you to follow - a sure sign he is going to share something neat. You g…

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Get to know meme (not really).

Stolen from space and time. (This is me being bored and random, plus testing what a journal looks like on here) What's your real flavor? Banana How? Very slowly. An apple appears in front of you? No. No it does not. -Goats may or may not seriously consider you? Only if left unattended. -What's your…