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Avery "Dice Fuzz" A. / 34 // Canada

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Patreon Launch

It's official, I'm on patreon! I know, I know, patreon doesn't have the best reputation among some furries, but I'm not using this as a paywall to porn! In fact, it's just a way for you guys to support my work in even a small way, and have a little fun while you're at it! I'll be uploading sketches…

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"Art Slave" available! Read below!

Putting out an open call to let folks know I'm looking for someone to work for / with, in exchange for a lump sum or (more conveniently) equipment. As some of you may know I have issues with my health that leave me in bed, sometimes for days at a time... and while I could be working at this time (s…

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I went ahead and made a banner for Weasyl, yeayuh! Decided to do a simple, graphically pleasing drawing of my Genet 'sona, and my pet boa. Very much inspired by the style of the amazingly talented vekke, to give credit where credit is due!

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Might have a porn auction- heads up + need your help!

Hi guys! As you may know, I don't do adult work on request anymore- only on auction. I'm considering holding one of those auctions once I am done some of these example Illustrations. So here are the deets, ahead of time! Auction to run on Dealer's Den. Starting price would be $80- the cost of a one…

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Free Art, Could it BE!?

I've made my decision, and actually ended with three different characters to draw! :) Please continue to enter, however, as I may like to do one more, especially another female or a feral character! Thanks! Hi guys! I'm coming to you all today with a really rare, really exciting offer! As many of y…

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Open for Commissions!!

Hi guys! Just an update! I've completed the commissions in my queue, so I'm open again for commissions! Once again, these prices have been lowered to be competitive! Just to save some confusion there is now some more info included. (An examplesheet is forthcoming, but for now please just see my gal…

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Commissions Officially... Open !

Welp, I lost my job. So, unfortunately, I have no source of income. I am open for commissions, very much so, and aside from my typical illustrations I'll also be offering portraits for $50, and sketches for $15 per character. If you're interested in anything- illustration, portrait, sketches, even…