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Jack / 27 / asshole / Canada

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I forgot about this site might delete some of my old shit and bring this back to life idk I haven't drawn a lot lately so mostly I just want to get rid of old shit

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no one ever believes me when I say I'm an angry person just because I don't run around screaming at people doesn't mean I'm not angry. sadness isn't the only emotion you can mask with a smile, it bothers me that everyone assumes that I'm not angry because I don't show it. I've had 1000+ dollars wor…

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my upper bar thing looked really lame so I rather than just leaving the gender spot blank I filled it in with 'a classy asshole'. you're welcome.

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I actually kind of like this site it's mobile interface is kind of decent and I odn't hate it so ye even though I haven't really gotten super into it yet I still really like it, I think I prefer it to FA in a way? but I haven't been on long enough to know, really.

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guys some girl is creeping me from across the cafeteria just staring every time she gets up and moves to do something I freak out and watch her because what IF SHE COMES OVER HERE holy shit I can't do this I'm super paranoid okay go away