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Nali / 30 / Female / New York

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Hey guys! I'll be at FWA this weekend, hitting up the Artist's Alley every day/as much as I can. I'll be posting to Twitter throughout, so follow me there for updates! I'll be selling stickers, pins, balaclavas, hug warning badges, original artwork, as well as taking commissions!

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Back from nowhere!

I've been neglecting this site for some time, which is dumb. So, since I have quite a few pieces to upload here, I'm going to post one or two every couple of days until my gallery here is all up to date! Here's to hoping I'll get around to updating the banners and stuff on my page too, heh.

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Massive art dump

Hey guys! Sorry for dumping a bunch of art on you all at once, I haven't updated my gallery since October! I'm most active on Twitter and I update my FurAffinity gallery much more regularly. If you wanna keep up with me, I'd suggest following me on at least one of those sites as well!

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Hey dudes! (Updates and stuff)

So I'm going to try and start being generally more active on this site, not just logging in to post art and check messages. I've basically just used this site as a mirror gallery more or less. But! As I start to use FA less and less, and especially with the site's most recent debacle, I want to foc…

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Weasyl migration

Seems a lot of people are trying to flock to or at least keep updated on this site since FA was down for so long this time. While FA will still remain my primary gallery, I will try to keep my Weasyl account updated as well. May just mean I'll be mass uploading art on a semi regular basis, since I'…