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Dekkaionna / Female / Holland

Commissions: Filled
Trades: Closed
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Future commission prices [Not taking coms yet]

IMAGES Bust- 15 dollars Full body- 25 dollars +background 10 dollars extra +added characters 10 dollars extra COMICS Standart 4 panel comic- 35 dollars per page Detailed panel comic- 45 dollars per page The details will involve, lineart, color, and shades! The canvas size will always be 3000+ with…

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Sometimes even I amaze myself

It is amazing, sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and its like all the answers of the universe have been solved! Its like knowing true definity, the biggest gift known to mankind. You all are so lucky to have me in your life, even if its just the internet. (no autographs please.) Goddamnit th…

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Yay I can make journals here now!

I bet yall regretting following me here already :3 But deep down you know, you cant start your day without a journal from your friendly neighbourhood Poopy! Altho... My name here is Dekkaionna not Poopybuttface.... But dekkaionna basically means fat chicks so its all cool. ....... I have to rate my…