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deathbysweaters / Female / USA

'YOLO' Does not belong in the dictionary.
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maybe you should log out on a computer that you share, sweater thats a good idea -family member

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Skyline19 on deviantart is about to lose his home! If you have a dA account, you can donate points, donate money via paypal, or just spread the word to help. Do whatever you can! Journal with more detail;

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Okay, so I'm in the middle of a drawing I'm doing really well It looks fabulous So my computer decides to be a butt It shuts down ALL of my progress is lost I really hate my computer

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I'm deathbysweaters, or you may know me as MuffinPrincess102 on deviantart.I bet you probably know why i'm here. Yes, it's the copyright issue on dA. I'm just a little worried, but I'm not saying that the admins on dA are 'stupid', or 'mean'. They're just doing their job, and they do want to help.…