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DARKZADAR / male / U.S.A.

reality is the oil slick in the sea of dreams
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is anybody out there ?

i was wondering if there was any one interested in my art here , or should i just go inactive ? please , if your out there , let me know. thank you for your time,if you read this .

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December 2016

well , it has been a long while .. but then again i do not see much activity here , so i stopped posting here so much because i figured no one cared ..but any way , if any one is reading this then I hope that you will have A great holiday season and have A safe and peaceful new year .

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greetings !

I am DARKZADAR you might know me from sites like deviantart ink bunny and fur affinity after seeing others joining this site and much thinking I have decided to join this site as well I do not know how active I will be here so if you know me from the other sites let me know and thanks for reading !