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Darkwolfdemon / 32 / Male / Houston, Tx

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I gave up >_<

Not sure if its lazyness or the fact I just haven't been going out and photographing animals anymore, since I haven't gone to a wildlife reserve or zoo, but I gave up on trying to post pictures frequently. >_< Yours, Darkwolf

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Not much new

Still looking for work, and still promising to submit more pictures of animals. I'm trying. >_< Making youtube videos and its growing. Check it out. :3 Can't wait for Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain to come out! It looks so good!!! D: Wanting to get commiss…

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Woot, gay marriage, the witcher, and vacation!

Whats new? I am happy about the gay marriage thing, for obvious reasons, hehe. I am enjoying listening to religious radio that is against gay marriage losing their shit. XD What was less cool was when my family talked about it and my little sister is apparently against it, citing religious reasons.…

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Trolls and Life Is Beautifle

So, I got sick. D: But through the power of youth and exercise I beat that sickness!!! Please someone tell me why exercise makes me feel less sick. Also, I've been getting trolls lately. Not the cute ones with rough skin, the ones from the internet. Not long ago someone was like "why don't you go k…

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Life stuff and job hunting rant

So...I need to be more interactive with friends and the fur community. I have just been...somewhere else. : / So sent me a note so we can talk. :3 Youtube is doing well, growing every day. 380+ subs! Now for the focus of my journal. Fucking pay...I went to a really good college and it cost a king's…

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I wanna buy a japanese fox mask!

Anyone know where I can buy one of these kitsune masks?! D: Preferably in person. ^^' Also watch my youtubes! D: Yours, Darkwolf

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Life update

Its been awhile since I last made a journal. Still trying to find a job. Still submitting pics and videos to youtube. I've been killing free time with working out, and trying to learn languages and other stuff. OH! Got a new friend across town. She is really nice. :3 my youtubes? https:/…

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Happy Birthday to me! :3

There will be a feast and eating of cake. I demand it! I got a bunch of money and steam money, not sure if I should buy those games now or wait till there is a sale. >_> Also a sweater and hygienic stuff because...I just lost mine and I buy whatever I want. ^^' In other news I had an interview canc…

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X scars, putin, and youtubes

I really wonder what people have for X scars. I have one on my character because I have one in real life, dunno how I got it. But its odd how many characters I see them having. What I find off about people is that people always say that if Hitler was alive today, that they would kill him. I wonder…

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Felt a really strange feeling, like happiness? : /

Something strange happened while I was at the gym. All of a sudden I started thinking of the reason for everything, stuff you would ask monks or really smart people. It got really weird, like matrix weird. I could barely concentrate on working out. Then I backfliped myself off the floor and those t…

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New name? What do you think?

I was thinking that the same Darkwolf/Dark/Darkwolfdemon might be too bland. How does "Harbinger" sound? Yours, Darkwolf

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, happy Chanukah, kwazy Kwanza, a tip-top Tet, and a solemn, dignified Ramadan! Yours, Darkwolf

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My Advertizment

Just making a journal to tell people my other stuff if they are interested. : P I have a youtube channel that does Let's Plays of video games: My furry pictures and friend account: My animal pictures account:…

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Woot! Free stuff! I am not 24...ugh. DX Don't really have anything planned; so video games and cake and steak dinner. : P Darkwolf