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SL Club The Void

OK for anyone who has a Second Life, there's a new club that opened up called The Void. It hosts parties every night with a DJ, dancers, and even escorts! There's a party going on right now and as I work there, part of my job is to get it noticed. So if you have a SL come on over at The Void where'…

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A New Crusader Chapter 2:Fitting In

(Idk how to change the story to a format this site will allow..) Ever wanted to know about my blue pony character? Well now you can! Altho I just posted chapter 2.... Yeah little over 2 years WAY OVER DO but last week's episode, Crusaders Of The Lost Mark, really inspired me so last 2 days I worked…

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Friend's Fundriser Reposted

http://www.gofundme.com/v7vkb3w Still needs donations before he ends up on the streets, or jail. Please spread and help out?

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Anyone interested in a commission? I would really like them. ^^ Prices can be anywhere between $5-$25, you decide the price not me. Just ask me what you want drawn and I'll do it, as long as it's not: Rape Gore Watersports/Scat Anything but those I'll attempt, just ask me. ^^