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Commissions Open

I just had to replace my PC - so it's time to throw the commissions gates open to re-fill the coffers. Sketches: $10 and up depending on complexity Inks: $15 and up. Flat colour: $25 and up. Full shaded: $50 and up. This is bespoke art - You tell me what you need, we'll discuss what goes into it, a…

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Coping with life

So a few years ago I was dealing with The Man. Aka the Government, in the form of a guy who was not partiucularly bad but represented an organisation that's basically cruel verging on sadistic, based on protestant values from a century or so back. Anyway. I was finding a few of the items on my to-d…

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The importance of Snacksgiving vs Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a co-opted harvest festival that's common across the northern hemisphere of our Big Blue Marble. It's about the time the harvest is in, everyone's looking at a long cold winter, and thinking '... This is going to suck'. The Pre-Christi…

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Accepting a commission

Ready to arrrrt. I have one(1) slot open for a pic. 2k res -sketch ($35), Inked & coloured ($50) and/or shaded ($65) Or if you're cheap: $25 for a cute icon/telegram sticker. ⭐ 🌟 Tip your artist! 🌟⭐ Patreon! Only $1 to see the archives and all the exclusive smut! Got too much money? I will help! Se…

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FA fall down go boom

I'm a little irked with FA. Yes it went down, come back up and immediately got locked down because everyone's passwords were hijacked... ... But the knock on effect is I have to re-upload a week's worth of art, lose all the comments, watches, favourites and other traffic. I use FA to advertise and…