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Iron Artist Challenge

Iron Artist YCH Commissions! Hello to anyone who reads this! I am trying to challenge myself to do 50 poses and have turned it into an iron artist in hopes of actually complteing them. If you are interested please continue to read below! PLEASE READ. I HAVE THREE ADS FROM THREE SEPARATE SITES REDIR…

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Hang, does want D:

No joke these instruments sound AMAZING and I want one BADLY....But a cheaper one runs around $1200-1500USD =_=;; You can find them for up to $8,000USD though...priceyyyy. But they are without a doubt incredible and I think it would be worth it :D ....now only if I could raise that kind of money...…

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Get to know me meme

Why hello there bandwagon XD What's your real name? Dena How tall are you? 5'4" What's your natural hair color? Brown What's your eye color? Brown What's your orientation? Bisexual Are you single, taken or undecided? Taken~ What do you do in your spare time? I draw, listen to music, read, play musi…

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Hello Weasyl!

So I've finally migrated over here to Waesyl! I'm planning on making this one of my primary art posting sites and I do apologize as I get my page updated with a small flood of art ^-^;; So far so good though! I'm liking the layouts and the features so far so here's hoping for a good stay!