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The 'Dante Vs.' Sequel Is Available... on Sta.sh.

Some of you might have been wondering as of late: "I heard you were making a second 'Dante Versus' comic! Did you complete it? When is it being posted?" Well, it is complete. Kilted.Jackalope and I were in the middle of polishing it up and hoping to release it this year. Sadly... Kilted.Jackalope,…

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FA's Inaccessible - Read-Only Mode

If you're a client who has been trying to reach me on FurAffinity, but can't because of the site blocking you out for the time being, then you can contact me here. I'm also on deviantArt. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/crazyassbeethoven http://kuwtcomicsinc.deviantart.com I don't know how long the…

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So, FurAffinity is down.

http://www.furaffinity.net/user/crazyassbeethoven/ This is my FA account. I dunno how long this will last, but I heard artwork may now be removed there. I don't have much other choice but to post my stuff here as a bit of a storage in the mean time. For now I'll just be posting one comic. I will ne…