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Hey you. Fite me. https://artfight.net/~ClovenCraft

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Hello everyone! We're finally at the point in my Daily Sketchbook where I am uploading my newest drawings as they are being finished. The con here being that they likely won't be uploaded as frequently, but the pro is it will all be new an improved! I'm also nearly out of pages, so if you have any…

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Goretober 2017

Spoop season starts today! Everyone ready for their October art challenges? I'm going to tackle Goretober again this year... and actually make it past day 10 this time. The same list will be used, but the ones I finished last year will be completely remade. So without further ado... GORETOBER ROUND…

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Hey everyone! Needless to say, the changes I announced in the previous journal took longer than expected. No worries though, all the old daily sketchbook photos have now been replaced-- and a new page will will follow after this journal. The biggest reason why it took so long, as you might have gue…

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Daily sketchbook updates put on hold.

Hey all, how're you? The sub par quality of my sketchbook photos has been bothering me for a while now, and the retakes weren't faring much better. So, I went out and splurged on a larger, more color-friendly scanner. As of now I've already used it to scan over a hundred pages-- I just need to get…

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RAISING AWARENESS ON THIS ISSUE! Recently some legislation has been proposed to Congress that would rob Gray wolves of federal ESA protection. The senators of Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Wyoming proposed a bill with the intentions of declaring open season on wolves in their states. Wyoming a…

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Hey, I'm back. School got more demanding right at the start of October and ended up pulling me away from my personal projects here. Now I'm on winter break and I'm starting up my posting schedule again. I just posted three Goretober pics I had done for the event, but I'm going to call that the end…

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So I asked a couple of friends whether I should do Goretober or Inktober and the answer was unanimous. Goretober it is! Here’s my list for the event this year, inspired by previous years and a slightly morbid sense of humor. Anyone is free to use it– just link back to this journal please! (Also kee…