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i'm sorry for being so dead here tbh i guess it's no worse than my dA activity but still i only ever post like ~finished~ stuff on here/pixiv/dA and my energy and motivation have been so low lately that stuff doesn't GET finished much anymore.. i am sorry friends how are you doing, tell me about yo…

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weasyl resolution

my one new year's resolution SPECIFICALLY for this site is to finally upload things to my characters section omfg guys i have a lot of ocs and they are my world and i somehow haven't done this yet i'm gomen

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i swear i haven't forgotten about this place i've just been really busy and frazzled in general.... i hope everyone's having a good holiday <3

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commissions!! -OPEN-

comissions are open again! General: -Sketch $10* -Lineart $20* -Flat color $25* -Painting $40* NEW Specials -MLP color sketch $15 -CLOSED -Album Art $30 -For musicians to use on Bandcamp, YouTube, etc -MUST show me a sample of your music; prove you aren't just trying to get a slightly cheaper paint…

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ey i have a banner now :3c this site is cute i like it so far hi