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CUNE / Canada

Commissions: Closed
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WOOPS... almost forgot I had a weasyl account! Well... time to update it!

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Hey guys! Sorry for being so inactive / 3 \ trying my best to keep up with this site! I'll try to update here as often as I can! Meanwhile, I still love weasyl's layout lol.

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December Activity!

Hey guys! Been a while that I updated here! Will be having content uploaded around december when classes are done ~ maybe some stuff from FA too (I do like Weasyl's layout, so it's nice to see my art in this area).

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Check the website here: You need to ask for a quote to get a price! 'v' /

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Hey guys! Just an update that my commissions will be open for the whole month of June. I will have a website ready with all commission options and info on it. 'v' There will also be discounts for those that have commissioned me before! Meanwhile, I have to focus on some Anime North stuff, and other…

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Puzzle and Dragons ?

Hey guys! It's been a while. I have a week of school left and I can't wait to do more personal art! And yeah, I play ( Puzzles and Dragonsbecause the monsters there are SO CUTE OH MY GOODNESS. I already sketched a few fanart of some of the cuties over at twitter! 'v'…

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Closing Commissions ~ Heavy Plate

Hey guys ~ Sorry this was so abrupt, but I'm closing commissions for now ( I know I just opened them for line-arts hahaha woops). I have a lot on my plate =v= / and would like to explore Illustrator more. I am a graphic designer as well, so I want to be able to get better in that field too. I anime…

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Line-art Commissions !

After leaving the icon/weasyl banner commission open for a while- it seems that people are more interested in the icons =v= ... I guess weasyl banners aren't IN anymore or my style is just a nono for it hahahaha. I might bring back the icon commissions later on. WEASYL BANNERS + ICON/AVATAR COMMISS…

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Commissions Open!

Hey guys ~ After deciding for a bit and getting some comments from you guys, I finally decided to open commissions again! I do need the money and am trying to save up haha. WOOPS. You can check my page to see the options offered plus prices! Atm, I'm offering: -Weasyl Banners -Simple Avatars/icons…

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Weasyl Banner Commissions?

I don't know... I was just wondering if anybody would be interested in weasyl banners made by cune? Reason being 1) I think it's fun! 2) I need some money ;w; 3) Wanna challenge myself. Some banner options that I think that I could offer would be... 1) Typography based banner 2) Transparent backgro…

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Free Art Requests Giveaway OwO (All slots filled)

Hey guys! Thank you for watching me here on Weasyl ^v^ For hitting 300 followers on here, I'm doing a free art request sign up! Just comment below with a link to a ref of what you want me to draw. It's first come first serve ~ RULES -FOR FOLLOWERS ONLY (I will check) -1 character only per person. -…