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Candace / 26 / Female / Maine

Courage; the heart of a lion
Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
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Cleaning up this page and repurposing it. I welcome new watchers and current watchers (from FA) alike. This Weasyl account will be my backup account for when FA goes down so that I can continue to run my business. My main gallery can be found here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/evian/ I will not…

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Commission Form

Username: Email: What are you commissioning? References: Name: Species: Refsheet: Any Add-ons? (Check all that apply, put an X for every add-on. Example: [XXX] for 3 of that certain add-on.) [ ] [+$2 per] Extra Colors (if your character has more than three base colors) [ ] [+$2 per]Accessories [ ]…

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FAQ Q: What programs do you use? A: I use Paint Tool SAI, Gimp, and MS Paint Q: What type of tablet do you use? A: None. I draw with a mouse. Q: What is the average wait time on an art piece? A: 1-2 Weeks Q: Do you draw _______? A: Please check my ToS for that. Q: Do you have Skype/Facebook/etc? A:…

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Terms of Service

~What to know about commissioning me ~ ~Note me! Comments do not do anything! ~ Love to draw: Clean, gore, violence, anthro, toon, clean baby furs. Ask about: TF, pinups, nudity/Pronz, humans, mechanical things. Won't Draw: Scat, racist or sexist content, sexual baby furs, digestion, abuse, beastia…