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Chiropica / 29 / Male / Brown long-eared bat

I am the night!
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Eurofurence 21 meme

Where are you staying? Estrel Hotel! Berlin Means of transportation? The Vengabus with my best friends! Sharing a room with: What is your gender? Male Relationship Status: It's complicated How old are you? 24 (like the tv show) How tall are you? Last time 1,65 meters Which languages do you speak? D…

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Bacardi made a music track using the movements of thousands of swarming bats. It is so awesome! Check it out here

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Things I love about Weasyl

Serious things It works great on phones and tablets from what I've experienced. You can make and also favorite entire characters Very easy to navigate Streaming support! Commission, Trade and Request straight on the page! The ability to add friends Formatting is actually pretty easy Non serious thi…