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Chebits / 30 / Female / Canaderp

Commissions: Open
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Hi so I really hate to do this, I really do, but I need your help. I got notice that my electricity is to be shut off if I don't pay 253.19 by midnight. I had thought I had paid that in March, but apparently that didn't happen, and so I get notice. And of course this is right after I graduated and…

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Christmas Commissions! OPEN (Need to make rent)

So, I'm taking a small amount of commissions to be completed by christmas/newyears! Take note that I will not be taking payment until my current queue is cleared up (which will hopefully be soon after winter break starts) but I would like to get the slots filled ahead of time. Real talk, I didn't r…

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Commissions are open! (NSFW options available)

Hey all! I don't post here too often, but really, I haven't posted often anywhere other than tumblr for a while... BUT ANYWAYS Did you know I offer NSFW commissions? Because I totally am! I'm trying to survive the summer and save up for moving! So commissions are open ALL SUMMER! :0. If you can aff…

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WE'RE UP ALL NIGHT TO GET LUCKY- Actually more like we're up all night to animate in flash AMIRITE?!?!?! anyways. Working away on my Flash Build homework for school, and I could use some company! :D

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Working on my Layout homework. Wanna come watch? Relevant tunes playing.

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TAPEWOLF! :D Congrazzles! expect a doodle soon!

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123 WATCHERS! Free art raffle!OVER

The raffle is over! Thank you to all who tried! HEY THERE! I just noticed that 123 of you lovely folk have started watching me, so as a thank, I'm going to have a free art raffle! Simply comment on this journal with the character you would like me to draw! I will pick a winner via random number gen…

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Thanks for watching me!

Just wanted to thank all of you who have come over here from FA! I havent been all too active here yet, but soon my friends. Soon. I also may do a kiriban. That could be fun <:

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IN WITH A BANG -- New Years G - XXX Commission auction!

Hey yall, just a heads up! I have an auction up for a special new years image! <<<< GO THERE for all of the info! I promise the only other time i will pimp this is on the last day! IT ENDS IN SEVEN DAYS GO GO GO