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Charles Cottonbottom / 36 / Male / Newfoundland, Canada

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Update: Comic

Going to start writing for a new comic soon. It hits me that I've not updated this year. The Charles Comic sort of fell apart so it's time to consider a new one. Probably episodic, maybe involving other characters from the past. I had originally came up with a TV-style cartoon (a few short episodes…

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December Schedule! (Holiday Season)

Hey folks, Glad to see people enjoying the comic thus far! It's been a joy to make and I can't say that it hasn't been a joy (albeit a sometimes stressful one). Given that the holiday season is upon us, not to mention some events happening shortly after (Further Confusion 2015), I haven't started h…

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It's a Start!

It seems I've gotten to my 100th submission today. To celebrate, I've uploaded some raw music cuts from the past. More comics on the horizon, more oldy art, and more music soon.