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CeLdragon / 38 / sweden

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uploading bit art

Older art that been on one site, that I am gonna close down. And since the hard drive that had the original files ... is dead, should upload more over here

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ehm ok, FA days seems to be over for me

After the latest attack on that site, I can no longer log in. Never tied it to any of my emails so the account on that page will appear like a ghost account -.- Which is a bit shame since I kept track on artists that dont have account on here or deviantart.

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Knowing is half the battle

Pain and stress that turns into depression is never fun. Been somewhat able to fight off the latest dark feelings that keeps hiding nearby but pain is something I have gotten used to have daily in my life. Especially from my back ... >.< Every time I tried to get more exercise done to help both wit…

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Things have changed since the last journal. I can slowly breath out anew even thought I still take antidepressive meds. The papers with the insurance company went through and are now officially sick early retired person ... so kinda yay in that part and not having to worry any longer. The stress an…

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idea for to keep drawing after commissions

I need to finish the commissions I have first tho ... been put on the shelf for long time enough because of lack of inspiration and being down in periods. But to keep on drawing afterwards, I thought why not do 50 drawings or doodles of pokemon and digimon. The trick is, I am gonna let you viewers…

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uhm hi

Havent written a journal for a while and thought it might be a good idea to tell that I am here and not gone. Been stressed for periods of matters in rl and recently been able to take a break and just slow down on things and clean my place up ... which really needed it. I have to get back into draw…

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Thank you for the eight years that I got to have you Spike. From a small kitten that I had to protect from my older female cat until you outgrew her. You loved going for walks with a harness and look over environments without people nearby. The dislike of snow ... so much that you sounded like you…

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Commission this bat to help her keep her home!

Her prices are very cheap, so please commission her or atleast tell others about the situation as well. vesperusviator

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all art moved over

From Fa to here, so in other words my newest art will be uploaded her first and the on other sites that I still use as well. Are happy over the structure on this site but still need to figure out to get a working minipic from other users on here. I might not be uploading as often tho, so be prepare…

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^^; sorry for the overhaul of art

Never been good at keeping up on the recent facts or what is happening in forums or art sits but after finding out, I won't keep my art any longer on FA so ... I hope you guys don't mind that I bring every piece over from there to here and dumping alot of notices into your box. -.-; Will need to lo…