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Cayman Went

35 / He/Him / Denver

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Commission/Character Dump

I've finally uploaded almost all of the commissions I've acquired over the years, mostly of my characters Khora and Lucien. I've also updated their character profiles and pictures. Check them out in my submissions if you're interested!

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It's Weasyl Time!

I had forgotten that I made one of these until everyone started throwing a shitfit on FurAffinity. Hey, what better motivation to keep trying this out than more users, huh? For those who care (Mom...), I've been drawing almost every day since my stroke of inspiration at Anthrocon. (Not an actual st…

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Things To Work On

I've been trying to draw every single day, both to refine my skill as well as to come up with a solid design for my personal character. (Fursona...?!) It's been going well thus far, and I'm more easily able to pick out what I need to work on. If you have any advice or tutorials to offer, please let…

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Hello, Weasyl

Here I am. What's this "Characters" tab all about?