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Cassiel / ???? / Alberta

I smell WAFFLES~
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Yo new guys!

You may want to consider using this site more even once/if the drama dies down. it's actually pretty neat.

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XCOm Stream. Gonna be killing aliens soon. Join if you dare.

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Hey know who's a cool person?

Nystre He's moving to Germany and needs money. Give him some, he's cool!

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Okay gonna announce something

Okay um I thought I was post some big self reflective journal about my sexuality, gender identity, and self discovery and be all insightful and stuff but I'll just be sorta blunt with this. I am in an open but chaste relationship with [user: KammyDuskpaw] . This is something of a big step for me si…

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CELEBRATIONS!\_V7hE Gonna upload some more~

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Mah birfday is next week

I know everyone is probably gonna be busy since my birthday falls literally the day after Christmas, but I'd like if I got some aknowledgement. Like you don't have to, between your own friends and family and travelling, but sending me some birthday goodwill is appreciated!=3

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FA Sorta back?

But if the cross post thing works, I'm gonna keep using this site too. Like I said before I don't think this was true exodus. It was however, a large amount of the community realizing having a recognizable account off site has it's benefits. Less righteous "I'M LEAVING FOR GOOD!" and more realizing…