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Cass / Female / New Jersey

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Where else to find me?

Here's a few other sites I post to more frequently then here on weasyl! DA: https://cassdoodles.deviantart.com/ FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/cassdoodles/ Tumblr: https://cassdoodles.tumblr.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cassdoodles/

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I have a question about taking art commissions on paypal, can you do commissions if you only have a limited account and have no money in the paypal balance? I’ve been really wanting to but could never get a straight answer?

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Got some characters?

So If anyone has some interesting characters they would like to be drawn I might do some as practice, id prefer ferals only seeing as I'm not great with human anatomy. but hey if you'd maybe like to see your character drawn I might, just might do some sketches, maybe color them idk what ever id fee…

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Also for anyone who might have a tumblr, I now have an art blog! http://cassdoodles.tumblr.com/

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So I've been drawing on my laptop mostly and I've just noticed just how dark my images are on my desktop, is it just my desktop or is It my laptop? Id love if people would let me know if it seems like the images are to dark especially in the ones The Final Stroll and Enemies? its kinda freaking me…

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flight rising

ah finally got the chance to join flight rising it'll take a while to get used to but it seems like it should be fun feel free to add me I have no friends so far my name is yattori (apparently cass or even my real name which is close to cass is to vulgar?) flightrising.com/main.php?p=lair&tab=userp…

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so school

so starting my last year of high school tomorrow, can't say I'm happy. It'll probably be the hardest of the four years which also means me getting increasingly tired which then leads to less art this sucks I hate not being motivated for art due to school. well it seems like ill become less active b…

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My Tumblr

Feel free to take a look at my art tumblr its where Ill be posting sketches and other assorted things that I may not post on weasyl and Ill probably be uploading more there as well http://cassdoodles.tumblr.com/ And I also have an inspiration blog where I reblog things like tutorials, refrences and…

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sorry about the slow activity

Hi guys, I really want to thank all of my new followers you guys and gals are awesome and are a huge inspiration. The reason I'm making this is because Ive been swamped and just exhausted with school troubles, including the hspa state tests that your required to pass to graduate high school. I'm ju…