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Get Me into Grooming School

http://www.youcaring.com/tuition-fundraiser/get-me-into-grooming-school/144568 My name is Elizabeth, I'm a 19yr old gal with a dream to become a groomer and with your help I can. Since I was younger I had always pictured myself in a line of work that involved animals. So, why not a groomer? For mor…

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"Getting to Know Me" Meme

What's your real name? Elizabeth How tall are you? 5' 5" What's your natural hair color? Dark Blond What's your eye color? Grey What's your orientation? Bisexual Are you single, taken or undecided? Taken What do you do in your spare time? Playing Animal Crossing, surf the web, and hang with my boyf…

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Hello Weasyl

Hi there, as you can see . . . I'm new here on Weasyl and I have just dumped almost 20 images in less then an hour. Cause, having an empty profile and gallery is not a great enjoyment of mine. haha. My name is Elizabeth, tho I normally go b y Carry when I'm on the internet. Currently, I'm a Dog Was…