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When all else fails, use a REALLY BIG STICK!!
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Please God, Give Me Some Bites! WRITTEN COMMISSION SLOTS!!

Alrighty, here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to open up COMMISSION SLOTS for written commissions!! Take a look through my gallery, and you'll see the quality of my work. I've been writing for a very, very long time, and I honestly feel more confident in my writing skills than my drawing skills.…

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No More Smartphone?! Pulling a Megadumb!

Say, just an announcement to everyone who chats with me, I destroyed my smartphone last night in a fit of rage, so chats will happen far less. Here's what happened: I like having cookies with my teatime (4PM) tea. Yesterday, I bought a bag of these lightish Keebler thin cookies that was on sale for…

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Changed commish prices. Please commission me, I need to make about $38 per month to pay for my phone bill ;w;

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Commission Information

Alright, putting it here for future linkage. Yes, it's just the commission info on my Weasyl page copy-pasta'd. And detailed. Cel-Shaded $ 20.00 Digital art with classic cel shading like you'd see on cartoons. I'll figure out soft shading someday, don't worry! Flats $ 15.00 Digital art with color,…